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Build your own pizza: Choose your base and add toppings 

1. Pick your base. We make our dough in-house daily. Each base price includes tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. 

   All sizes are also available in thin and thick crust at no additional charge.   

9" Small

6 slices | + $0.95 per regular topping | + $1.70 per gourmet topping 


10" Medium *

8 slices | + $1.60 per regular topping | + $2.30 per gourmet topping 


14" Large

10 slices | $1.99 per regular topping | + $2.95 per gourmet topping 


16" X-Large

12 slices | $2.70 per regular topping | + $3.99 per gourmet topping 


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* Gluten-free crust available for an additional $4.75 in medium size only. If you have a GF crust you'd like us to build your pizza on, feel free to bring it in.

2. Choose from a variety of fresh veggie, meat or gourmet toppings. 

Veggie ​Toppings​



Fresh Mushroom

Black Olives

Green Olives

Green Peppers

White Onion

Red Onion

Fresh Sliced Tomato


Hot Peppers

Fresh Spinach

Chopped Garlic

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Meat Toppings​


Canadian Bacon



Italian Sausage


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Gourmet Toppings

Grilled Chicken Breast

Artichoke Hearts

Sun-dried Tomatoes

Whole Green Olives


Strip Bacon

Feta Cheese

Roasted Red Pepper



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Everyday Specials

The Arca

grilled chicken breast, strip bacon, white onion, tomato, feta cheese, hot pepper, black olive, green olive, green pepper


The Combo

pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon, mushroom, white onion, tomato


The Popular

ham, bacon, green pepper, tomato, white onion 


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*Prices listed for large size. Specials also available in medium and X-large sizes.

More than just pizza: Add some sides to your order!

Garlic Bread

Freshly toasted garlic bread with cheese.



Add hot, medium, mild, or BBQ sauce for $0.60. 



Like a pizza, but folded. Price includes cheese, sauce, and 3 toppings. Each additional topping is +$0.75.


Ceaser Salad

Iceberg lettuce, bacon bits, croutons and ceaser dressing. Upgrade to large for +$1.


Pop Cans

375 mL. 


Creamy Garlic Dip


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Prices listed do not include applicable taxes. Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.